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MACE 2014, Sliač, Slovak republic

In the period from 8th September to 3rd October 2014 the Air Base Sliač hosted
the International training MACE 2014. The participant countries were Slovakia,
Sweden, Norway, Belgium, USA, Spain, France, Denmark and Germany.
The aim of the training was to practice fighting operations under the conditions of radio-electronic interference.  The Combat Squadron also took part in this training.

NATO DAYS 2014, Ostrava, Czech republic

- From  20th to 21st September 2014 the Combat Squadron took part with static
and dynamic display in NATO Days 2014, Ostrava, Czech republic
represented by Maj. Martin Kuterka
Lt-Col. Marián Bukovský  and Capt. Branislav Kysel.

Air Force Days 2014, Kleine Brogel, Belgium

- On 13th and 14th September, the Combat Squadron participated with static
and dynamic display in Air Force Days 2014, Kleine Brogel, Belgium  
represented by Maj. Martin Kuterka, 1LT. Erik Pagáč  and Lt. Tomáš Kropáček.

AIR 2014, Payern, Switzerland

- On 6th and 7th September 2014 the Combat Squadron participated with static
display AIR 2014, Payern, Switzerland represented by
Maj. Martin Kuterka and Lt. Dušan Tichý.

SIAF 2014, Sliač, Slovakia

- On 30th August and 31st August 2014 the Combat Squadron participated
in home airport Sliač with dynamic display represented by
Maj. Martin Kuterka in air day SIAF 2014.
The pilots of the Combat Squadron represented by
Lt-Col Marián Bukovský, Cap. Kamil Glovňa carried out the opening flight
with Jak-40, MV SR in the formation of 3x L-39 and 2x Mig-29.

SNP Anniversary, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

- On 29th August 2014 the Combat Squadron carried out  a ceremonial
flight over the memorial SNU in Banská Bystrica at the occasion of 70 anniversary SNU
1Lt. Erik Pagáč, Capt. Kamil Glovňa, Lt. Dušan Tichý and Lt-Co. Jozef Hausner.

RNALAF Open Days, Gilze-Rijen, Netherlands

- On 20th and 21th June 2014, the Combat Squadron participated with static and
dynamic display in RNLAF Open Days Gilze-Rijen, Netherlands represented by
Maj. Martin Kuterka, Capt. Jaroslav Chromý and 1Lt. Peter Lukáčik.

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