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 História Leteckej základne Otta Smika, Sliač, Bojová letka

History of the Air Base Otto Smik 
Sliač, Tri Duby

The modern history of the Airport Sliač begun with the transfer of the
air and technical command  from the troops of Brno, Náměšť and Přerov
These troops served as a basis
of the air and security technical equipment and stuff for the origin
of the 81st separate combat squadron and 81st battalion of the airport
and radio technical protection


General Otto Smik, RAFLetecká základňa Sliač, AFB Sliac, Tri Duby, Slovak Air Force
Gen. Otto Smik AB Sliač patch

The origin of these units had been declared by the Order of the Minister
of National Defense ČSFR from 7th May 1991, followed by the over-flight of the aviation
equipment led by commander of the 81st separate combat squadron,
Lt-Col. Ing. Jozef Krakovský.
Lt-Col. Ing. Kornel Vitáľ was appointed as a commander of the 81st battalion
of the airport and radio technical protection.

At the occasion of the CSFR Bank holiday  "Day of Independence of the Czechoslovakia",
the President of CSFR granted the 81st separate combat squadron
a honorary title “SNP Squadron” (SNP- Slovak National Uprising)
by the Order from 28th October 1991.

Slovenská Republika, Slovak RepublicVzdušné Sily Slovenskej Republiky, Slovak Air Force

After the split of CSFR and formation of two independent states of
the Czech and Slovak republic, the 1st Air Base Sliač under
the command of Lt-Col. Ing Jozes Krakovský and 1st Combat battalion
under the command of Lt-Col. Stefan Palík were established.

Letecká Základňa Sliač, Slovak Air Force

In August 1993 Lt-Col. Igor Mihalus took command over the air base
.At the same time the 1st Air base was transformed  to 31st Air Base and
the 1st Combat battalion to 31st Combat
wing under the command of Lt-Col. Ing. Jozef Dobrotka.

1. letka, Sliačznak bývalej 2. stíhacej letky, Sliač, Slovak Air Force znak 2. letky, Sliač, Slovak Air Forceznak 3. letky, Sliač, Slovak Air Force
former 1st Squadron former 2nd Squadron2nd Squadronformer 3rd Squadron

After the retirement of Col. Ing. Igor Mihalus, Gen. Staff Col. ing. Lubomir Lovas was
appointed to the function of the Air base commander on 1st August 1.8.1999 
and then he was replaced by the Col. Ing. Jozef Dobrotka on 1st December 2003.

Since 28th August 2002 the Air Base has been named after one of the
most successful Czechoslovak fighters of the World War II, major general Otto Smik.
Major general Otto Smik was commander of the 127th British
Combat Squadronat the end of the World War II. 
He was awarded by several honors,  whereof the most significant was the British
military decoration - Distiguished Flying Cross,
granted by the King George VI. 

On 1st July 2009, as a part of reorganization,  there has been created the Combined
Wing Sliač
with the aim of the optimization of the forces and means and so the air
and technical wings have been fused together and established
the Combat and Training Squadron.

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