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 Historynof the Combat Squadron, Sliač - History

Combat Squadron - History 

The history of the Combat Squadron Sliač dates back to the end of 1992,
when in the months from October to December 1992 the Slovak pilots had passed
through a retraining program for the fighter plane MiG-29 Fulcrum,
which took place at the air base Žatec in former Czech and Slovak Federative Republic.  
These members created the basis of the 1st Squadron at the Air Base Sliač.

Patches of the 1st Combat Squadron

bývaly znak 1. tigrej letky na Žatcibývaly znak 1. tigrej letky na Sliači, Tri Dubyznak 1. tigrej letky na Sliači, Tri Duby
1989-1993 1993-2001 2001 >..

The split up of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic had further
 led to the division of the Czechoslovak Armed Forces. The first  
fighter planes MiG-29 Fulcrum flew over the Air Base Sliač
on 9th  December 1992, while the last plane landed on 29th December 1992.

Slovenské vzdušné sily, Slovak Air Force

On 1st January 1993 there had been formed the 1st Combat Regiment
at the Air Base  Sliač, wherein the 1st Combat Squadron had been included.
It was renamed to the 31th Combat Air Wing on 1st January 1995.
As a part of the restructuring, the 31th Combat Air Wing had been renamed
to the Combat Wing with the retained 1st Combat Squadron on 1st October 2001.

The year 2003 became significant for the 1st Tiger Squadron, when the
1st Tiger Squadron was accepted as observer and invited squadron
at the Annual meeting of the in Cambrai, France.
Since joining NATO, the squadron members have been challenging years
of rough work to get chance to become full member of such a prestige
and elite association.

On 1st July 2009, as a part of reorganization,  there has been created
the Combined Wing Sliač with the aim of the optimization of the forces and means
and so the air and technical wings
have been fused together and established the Combat and Training Squadron.


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