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- On 20th of March 2014 two Polish Mig-29 from Malbork airbase paid us a visit.
The pilots trained Aircraft Cross-Service procedures on the unfamiliar
airbase without ground technician assistance.

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Bojová letka, Mig-29, Sliač,

Bojová letka, Mig-29AS

Summer survival training

- From 22nd to 25th October 2013 the members of the Combined Wing
participated on the summer survival training under the command of the instructor of the Parachute and Rescue Service. The training was realized in the region of Low Tatra
near village Kráľova Lehota.

During the training the members of the Combined Wing carried out marches in the area of Ohnište, where they learned how to orient in the terrain and overcome mountain barriers. During the climbing up to the peak Släme they honored the fallen Soviet pilots
and members of Czechoslovak 2nd. Paradesants brigade,
who died on 13th October 1944 during the night air transfer
from the airport Krosno (Poland) to the insurgent airport "Tri Duby" (Sliač).

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Základný a pokročilý kurz leteckej taktiky, Pardubice, Česká republika, Bojová letka Sliač, Mig-29UBS, Mig-29AS

Basic and advance course of air tactics

- In Tactical simulation center (TSC) in Czech Pardubice there was held the third Basic
course of air tactics
in the term from 30th September to 4th October 2013
and in the term from 14th to 18th October 2013 the Advanced course of air tactics.
The latter one has one directly tied up the basic course, which majority of the Combat Squadron pilots had already passed.

The pilots of the Combat and Training Squadron
and members of RRBP could practiced through various simulation exercises not
only the air-fight tactics of the bigger aircraft formations but also co-action of different
types of air forces, command in formations and radio communication using the
BREVITY codes. Furthermore they trained the procedures necessary at tasks related
with the protection of the air space of the NATO countries by QRA fighters NATINADS
during the cross border operations. The arrival and departure had been done
with a real procedure interrogation and intervention on the determined airport
(Pardubice, Sliač).

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Základný a pokročilý kurz leteckej taktiky, Pardubice, Česká republika, Bojová letka Sliač, Mig-29UBS, Mig-29AS

Shooting training on ground targets

-The pilots of the Combat Squadron Combined Wing Sliač participated in the
life firing from the figther aircrafts MIG-29 on
25. - 26. September at air shooting area B in Malacky. 

The pilots practiced how to destroy earth targets by the
board canon
Š 30-1 caliber 30 mm.
They destroyed the targets separately as well as in the pair of the aircrafts,
by a simple and complex maneuver.
During the both training days the pilots took off the air base Sliač
all together 17 times and fired 551 bullets.

The life firing training serves to check regularly the readiness of the pilots to carry
out Air to Ground operations. 

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Life firing on ground target, shooting area "B" Malacky, Slovak republic, Combat squadron Sliač, Mig-29UBS, Mig-29AS, Bojová letka Sliač, Mig-29UBS, Mig-29AS

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