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 Combat Squadron Sliac - Archive

Combat Squadron Sliac
- Archive

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Participation on Air Shows

-Combat Squadron will participate in Kecskemét Air Show 2013
during the days 2-5 August 2013 with static display of MiG-29UBS craft and Radom International Air Show during the days  23-26 August.

Tango Scramble

- Another weekend TANGO Scramble, completed, this time only local activity.
As we had announced, the pair of jagged MiG-29AS  passed for 5 minutes
in Nové Zámky on 29 June 2013 at 14:00 LOC to animate the ongoing air day.

Žilina University air day, Air show 2013 in Senica

-On 22 June 2013 the Combat Squadron took part in two activities during
one single flight with aircrafts  MiG-29AS . Firstly it crossed over Dolný Hričov
at Žilina University air day (14:10 LOC) and then it continued on Air show 2013 in Senica (14:28). Despite imminent thunderstorm activities on the flight line
the both flights were successful.

Commencing training on MiG-29

- The youngest Combat Squadron member, 1LT Ing.Tomáš Kropáček 
has commenced the training on the aircrafts MIG-29 on 18th July 2013 to join
the Slovak Air Force QRA.

Flying together

- after rather long time, the both MiG-29UBS (5304 1303)
were flying together on 16th April 2013.

Mig-29UBS, Sliač

Cancel participation

- The Combat squadron Sliač will not participate with the fighters MiG-29 on the
NATO Tiger Meet in Orlando, Norway in 2013.
It is by reason of the necessity to concentrate all efforts on prior training
tasks and protection of the air space over Slovak republic within the NATINADS
system as well as insufficient financial coverage for this activity.

New Deputy Commander

- On 1st April 2013 capt. František PYTLÍK, the 3. flight commander,
became Combat Squadron deputy commander.
Maj. Peter KNOPP, who had served in the position for more than two years, 
has overtaken the preparation of the youngest squadron members
as the 3. flight commander. We wish both a lot of success on their new posts.

New Photogallery

- Since 27th March 2013 we have had fully new photo gallery.
The photo gallery is divided in the following parts:

- home activities and training
- foreign activities and training
- Combat squadron casual life

MiG-29AS, Bojová letka

New Web Side

- Since04th March 2013we have had a new web site, that will be
regularly updated and improved.

First Solo Flight

- On 27th February 2013 our new member 2Lt. Dušan Tichý completed
his first solo flight on MiG-29AS.

New QRA pilots

- on 18.2 and 19.2.2013 two new pilots, 1LT Erik Pagáčand 1LT Peter Lukáčik,
entered the service in the Slovak Air Force QRA duty (NATINADS).

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